Silent Companion

New movie by Pavel Göbl

Screenplay awarded by Film Foundation. Original book awarded wirh Magnesia Litera Prize.

Coming to cinemas on 10.06 2021.


Regional CT news

The redaction of the Czech Television Brno has participated in the filming of Silent Companion in Bystřice pod Lopeníkem and it has prepared a short report on the regional news of Czech Television. In addition to filming and interviews with the filmmakers, the television crew did not overlook the demanding preparations and transformations… Read more…

Filming reports

The film tragicomedy Tichý společník starring Ondřej Malý, Boleslav Polívka, Klára Issová and others based in the region of Slovácko in Moravia. Director Pavel Göbl prepares individual film scenes in a film village spread in Bystřice pod Lopeníkem, Lideček and Vápenice, and also for a short time in Slezská Harta. Everything is based on… Read more…

We have completed the development phase of the film

We have completed the development of the Silent Companion and moved into the production phase of the film. We are still looking for partners and movie enthusiasts who would like to cooperate. Perhaps we are looking just for you! 🙂 Sdílet na Facebook… Read more…