Silent Companion

New movie by Pavel Göbl

Screenplay awarded by Film Foundation. Original book awarded wirh Magnesia Litera Prize.

Coming to cinemas on 10.06 2021.

Silent Companion

SILENT COMPANION, originally a screenplay which won the Innogy (former RWE) Foundation prize. Then the author transcribed it into a book form. The novel received the Magnesia Litera Award nomination for J. Škvorecký prize. One of the reasons for the valuation of the book is the author’s work with language – as a native of Slovácko and longtime residents of Wallachia, he assembled these two into a new melodious dialect, which moves the story from the folkiness, which could nowadays act as artificial or willed for the sake of metaphor which (not just within this language) goes beyond reality. (Given this fact and the origin of the director we can expect him to master the dialect of the film at a believable and for the audience non-spoofing level, which today is a great rarity.

EXCERPT FROM THE REVIEW  “… Mira Malina represents the fact that each village has at least one jerk. And although his behavior and language symptoms appear as absolutely absurd, this is where the author embodies a simple idea, often deeper than slowly flowing village reality … like Steinbeck , Algren, Bukowski and many others. The prose written about these losers at first glance seems naive and rough in his conciliatory but is bewitchingly beautiful. A notable feature of the dialogues is that they are conducted in dialect. Suggesting that the book will be an excellent film artwork. Pavel Göbl is such an observer of life, rarely to be found at present Czech cultural scene.” – Lucie Kubečková

Pavel Göbl/ director
Jan Gogola st./ script editor
Jan Horáček/ camera
Roman Švejda/ architect
Ladislava Koukalová/ costumes
Tomáš Bělohradský/ sound

Producer: Czech FILM: Přemysl Klimsza, Tomáš Bělohradský
Co-producer: Česká televize, Bontonfim Studios, love.FRAME, Wet Cat Pictures, EUROPEANA
Executive Production: FRAME100R
Distributor: Bontonfilm

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