Silent Companion

New movie by Pavel Göbl

Screenplay awarded by Film Foundation. Original book awarded wirh Magnesia Litera Prize.

Coming to cinemas on 10.06 2021.

Czech FILM


Czech FILM 

Czech FILM is one of the leading film production companies in the Czech Republic in the field of feature films, documentaries, and commercials. Founded in 2012 by producers Tomáš Bělohradský and Přemysl Klimsza, who created a new division of commercial group/agency  CZECH MULTIMEDIA INTERACTIVE. We focus on discovering new authors and premises, script development, filming, postproduction, including the premiere screening of the films and their distribution. CZECH FILM worked with Pavel Göbl on the films Gorilla and Sunrise Supervision (2014), which celebrates the achievements at domestic and international film festivals, and received the prestigious FITES Trilobit Award from the Film and TV Association in 2014 and Special Prize of the Saxon Film Association in 2015. (more info)


  • Own film and advertising creation
  • Creative scenarios for a particular purpose, audience and distribution channel
  • Visual concepts, props and Czech locations
  • Project implementation team, technology and supporting services
  • Sound and post-production studio, Databank voice actors, music
  • Product placement of your services, products or brands


Czech FILM s.r.o.
Address: Praha 10, V Olšinách 2300/75, ZIP 100 00
ID, VAT: 24215911, CZ24215911 (D-U-N-S 367003038)
Phone: +420 910 801 766

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